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Kerry cattle have survived for thousands of years but now they are very endangered.  Every family should have the opportunity to own a Kerry. We hope to help make that possible.



Kerry cattle

Kerry cattle evolved over thousands of years in hills and mountains where food was scarce. They  escaped the modern so-called "improvements" that have destroyed other breeds. They remain small and thrifty, ideal for the homestead and ideal for the hard times that we face. They are good mothers. Their milk is delightful. They have long productive lives. We must resist the temptation to make them into little holsteins or jerseys. There are plenty of those already.




American Kerry Cattle Association was formed as the FIRST association supporting the Kerry breed in many decades.  We are the ONLY association in the US offering complete registration of Kerry cattle. All services are FREE OF CHARGE to kerry owners. This association was started after some kerry owners planned for an association for many years without success. We understand that those owners have now finally started an association with a similar name.  We'd rather there be two associations than none as there has been for many yea



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